The List: One


I have been writing and posting in Blogger.  I don’t get any readers at all on Blogger, and so I feel safer putting my material out there.  I will try to post more on here with my chapters.




The Tale of Kalura Wise

ONE:  The First Day

I decide to get out of bed and go for a jog. Today, I will be jogging slowly. Some days I can jog fast and other days require me to jog slower. In any case, any form of exercise is good for me. For one thing, it puts me in a better mood so I can tolerate my day better. For another, it helps me to stay focused.

Today will be my first day back at school after being absent for such a long time. It feels like the very first time, but I know it’s not. And though I’ve been native to this place all seventeen years of my life, I know I’ll be a complete stranger in this prestigious private school my parents have me attending.

Uniforms are not required, and why should they be when parents invest thousands of dollars to a school to give their kids nothing but the best?

This school also happens to have prerequisite courses for college before even attending an actual college I might add. But I’d rather not focus on that right now.

There is a cool breeze I happen to be enjoying, which usually happens after a few days of rain fall here in Florida.

This mostly happens during the fall and winter season around here. We have no such luck during the summer months when hurricane season is at its strongest.

Unfortunately, it is so windy, you could possibly mistake this place for Brooklyn right now. It’s so windy, my thingamajig blows right off my head, causing me to stop dead in my tracks, just as the music on my iPod was getting good.

Led Zeppelin’s Dancing Days is playing in the style of STP. STP stands for Stone Temple Pilots. To tell the truth, I don’t like remakes of any kind. Let the original be known. But STP made the song work, and the only other Zeppelin remakes I like are by the Wilson sisters of the band Heart.

So there’s my thingamajig, my hat, probably lost somewhere due to the shift of the wind–heading to who knows where–when all of a sudden, my baseball cap is right in front of my eyes. I am in shock to see a pair of hands holding it for me. I am in even more shock to see a boy standing in front of me, with my hat in his hands.

I didn’t even see him. I didn’t even see anyone while I was jogging. I look up at him wondering where he came from.

10/13/14 by ©Diana Jillian


3 thoughts on “The List: One

    1. Thank you, Tiki! I have it all posted on Blogger, through the Blogophilia. I don’t want to overload this site considering I just did a daily challenge for the month of April! LOL.

      I think I create my characters too much on who I am…with the exception of a few things I’d like to change about me! ^_^


      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, we all work in different ways. 😊I can certainly understand your not wanting to post too much.

        I have to admit I find it too difficult jumping between two sites.
        I guess not having as much time to read as I used to, it’s too easy for me to fall behind and get lost lol.

        Quite a lot of authors base characters on themselves or how they idealise themselves. Sometimes someone they knew/know inspires a character.
        As a story builds, I think the characters can despite what inspired their initial creation, become personalities of their own.

        I wouldn’t worry too much. As you build a story your characters will let you know what direction they want to head in. 🙂


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