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I had expected you to show up
Just like white lightning appears
But as the day had drawn an end
I realized one of my biggest fears

As the thunder rolls, you would not
And my head; the visions of eternity

I know my true fate; one of solitude
Brutal truth that we’re not meant to be
The rules that stated I must abide
Fictional time; never on our side

The love never had a chance to bloom
The lightning strikes our sacred place
Visions of a wedding now lay buried
Dead memories of your beautiful face

I’m drowned forever in a sea of forgotten souls
A lost song you only hear when the wind blows

6/25/16 by ©Diana Jillian

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You can’t study the darkness by flooding it with light
What you need is what you can’t do with ordinary sight
Like a car stalling in an abandoned alley or a driveway
Forgetting where you put your keys can ruin your day
These are the places silence goes
Going for a swim and losing what’s right in front of you
When eyes deceive and turns to gray of what was blue
Searching and struggling for a vibrant red to help suffice
And in a moment you forget all the things that were nice
These are the places silence goes


©Diana Jillian 5/28/15