Day 11 of Gratitude

Day 11 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. My day on 7/12/16, Tuesday.
Day 11
The reason this is so late is some days, I go to bed super early depending on the work shift I have. Yesterday I had to be up at 3:30 in the morning in order to be in work by 5:15 so I can open the gym at 5:30. I had a meeting at 10:15, and had another shift besides the 5:30-10:30. I had to work 11-4 at the pool desk.

I came home, and fell asleep around 6:30 in the evening. I have a terrible habit of responding to my texts in my sleep. I don’t even know how I manage to do that one. I’ll have to let you know later on LOL.

I think I got a promotion and a raise. I don’t believe it’s much of a raise as I work at a non-profit organization. I usually have to buy things out of pocket money. That’s usually fine by me if it makes the kids happy.

So they made me in charge of what used to be known as Child Watch. It’s now called Kids Corner.

I wished I had a better title, but a title is a title. It’s better than nothing. I’m still job hunting when I get the chance to.

I freak out over things that are out of my control. That has always been my problem. I have been reminded over and over again to let it go because all it’s going to do is wind me up in an early grave.

My grandmother believes that her mother, who died at 70, died not because of lung cancer, but because she was aggravated. And you know how aggravation and sadness can cause you such health problems down the line.

A little something I remember from my parents being in the NA/AA meetings. Also, my being in Alateen and Alanon meetings.

They always said slogans like easy does it; one day at a time; let go and let God; live and let live; and some other slogans I can’t recall right now.

We would start off meetings with the serenity prayer, and end it with Our Father.

These rooms were anonymous. It had nothing to do with religion, but more to focus on the spirituality and believe there’s a Higher Power out there to rely on. This is pretty much what I grew up on.

In a lot of ways, I am kind of grateful I grew up on this, or who knows where I would be now?


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