Days 28-31

I’ve noticed that despite the fact I’m dating these from a month ago, this still might be popping up in your feeds.  Sorry about that.  These will be my gratitude challenges from days 28-31…I’ll be at day 40 today.  I’m trying to catch up!


Day 28, 7/29/16
Day 28
Today was a trying day, but I’m grateful I got to work a short shift today. I need to calm down more, and I think it’s working just fine! 🙂

I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s an intense show.


Day 29 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.
Day 29
This moth or butterfly was just flapping its wings. He or she was practically asking me to take their picture. And so I did.

In times of trouble and sadness, I must remind myself of good things. I’m grateful I still have a job? LOL. I made a necklace a while ago with all these crystals. I believe in its healing powers (no laughing please). I believe somehow, in some way, it’s protecting me. I’m grateful for believing in what I believe in. I’m grateful in believing in the universe, and knowing no matter what, there is a bigger plan for me…

Yeah, that’s all I have today.


Day 30 of the 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge.
Day 30
I was gonna go out shopping today when this little guy caused me to make a full stop so I wouldn’t run him over. He ran up to me and practically jumped into my car!

I have looked everywhere throughout the neighborhood, looking for his owners. Everyone I talked to said they didn’t lose any dogs.

I don’t know if I’m grateful for having such a soft spot for abandoned pets, but I think he’s grateful I took him in temporarily.


Day 31

Day 31

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

~~Bruce Lee

There are mistakes in life. I like to think of them as lessons to be learned. A person was brought in nearly ten years ago to turn a non-profit organization around. That said person was finally let go around February or so. I don’t know how much faster you can turn things around unless you have a charity event. That would have been the smart thing to do. Like have kids create art, and then auction them off. I’m sure you’ll stumble upon the next Picasso one of these days.

But stuff like that wasn’t done, and you’re still in the hole. A very deep hole…deeper than six feet. And so a merging offer comes along. A merging offer from a non-profit place that has been and still is making money for the past 50 years. They keep building and growing. They have a dream, and I’m all for the change we so desperately need.

Yes I am sad to see staff members go, but that is and has always been the way of a merger. It’s really to weed out the weak, and keep in the strong….the ones that keep the place alive (as much as possible) and kicking.

I am grateful either way. If I keep my job, I am grateful I have a job. If I get fired, I am grateful I can apply for unemployment until I find another job. I would like to focus on my Etsy. I have bracelets made that I would LOVE to sell! I can’t really do that if I’m not home enough to devote my time to crafting and creating.

In other news, I found the owner of that little pup. He was a very sweet boy, but we are not ready to build an addition to the family like that. I’d rather have a human baby than another fur baby at this point in time. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to see that having another fur baby would not be ideal for me…or my pups right now.


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