The Like Button

I usually hit the like button to acknowledge someone’s post.  This applies to all the websites I’ve joined.  I notice I get followers…or more like stalkers?  I don’t really know.

It seems like they’re reading this through the newsfeed, but that’s about it….Or is this called a Reader here?  I don’t even know anymore.

Maybe I should become a hipster too and not show my acknowledgement.  It seems like showing acknowledgement makes you a stalker and/or that you wear your heart on your sleeve?  I don’t really know how this popularity thing works.  I’ve never been popular.  I’ve always just marched to the beat of my own drum….And no, I’m not Missy.



6 thoughts on “The Like Button

  1. Followers or stalkers???? Yeah, I get likes and I like stuff and I get followers and friends, but I’m kind of looking for sales. I feel like the internet has me by the short and curlies most of the time. Some days I try really hard and other days get close to giving up…

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