Because I Am a Chicken


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted in WP. I’ve been hiding out in FB land. I’m trying to get out there more. Sometimes I just get shy. It’s more like I have fear of rejection in me and that is why I walk away–from a LOT of things!

About 5 years ago, I self-published a book on Amazon. I gave the free promo for the week so people could buy. I got a lot of buyers, but no reviews. That just told me a lot about myself as a writer. I’m either awful, or the audience is just not ready for what stories I come up with in my head. Anyway…

I’m not very good with novels, per se–more like I’m good with novellas (I believe that’s what prose is called). And so, I created a three-part “novel”, all based on the same character–her name is Maya–and her experiences as to how she got to where she is now (present time being).

I was going to work on a sequel, but then I got a job and well, I’ve been really busy with work ever since. And the only reason why I even work is because 1. it’s nice to have some extra money, and 2. Insurance is expensive AF! It never used to be. I’m not political or anything. I mind my own business when it comes to religion and politics. It’s better that way. I like avoiding confrontation as much as possible. OK! So now that I sound like a wimp, let me continue.

I was going to post a chapter, but looking at the story (after not looking at this for a few years now), I can see why people lost interest. *sigh*

Well, since I’ve decided to take a hiatus from FB, maybe I can finally finish something.