No Ill Intentions

When I post something, I agree with it. You know why? Because I feel that way. Some people get offended, and they feel the need to tell you how it really is. It doesn’t show me anything else but that it’s the truth.

They will hurt you by saying something you may already be feeling. But you shouldn’t let that bother you. Although for most people, it doesn’t bother them.

I called to place an order for pizza. The girl put me on hold. About 5 minutes later, I got disconnected. I called back again. She said can you hold. I say I guess. she goes you guess? I’m like last time you put me on hold, I got disconnected. She goes well I have two other phones ringing, and I was like well then go answer them. She starts going what would you like to order? I was like nothing, and I hung up the phone.

A few months back, someone cut someone off. The guy in back got out of the car to talk to the guy. The guy sitting in the car shot and killed the guy that wanted to talk.

My point is we lack compassion in this day and age. I wonder if we ever had it to begin with. Some of us that do have compassion, and can actually sympathize are rare. Often I find out their true colors in the end.

I deactivated my FB account because I’ve been a bit depressed. It always seems whenever I’m sad or suicidal, I can never have those moments to myself. I don’t get how when they post something they never get shamed. At least I don’t. People have a right to post what they want on their own page. When I post expressing my feelings, all hell breaks loose! Why is that? Why am I the only person on earth who is not allowed to express herself freely? Well, F*CK!NG F*CK! Really!!!!! I just need some time to cool off.

I have pictures on there because my phone makes me delete most to save on memory data, or whatever you call it.

I’m sure I can find another place to save my pictures! I was using Photobucket, but I think I went over. I guess there’s always the one drive by Microsoft, yeah? Eh, I’ll figure it out.

Sorry I’ve got no pics. I’m working on this tablet I bought but barely use. I can’t get neither Photoshop, nor Microsoft Paint as this is a tablet and not a touch screen mini laptop like the advertisement said.

I have no expectations. No expectations equal no dissapointment, right? Eh, I’ll get it right one of these days.


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