It’s 10:33 at night, and I’m writing because I need to. I’ve had a sh*tty day!

My craptastic day started last night when my grandma accused me of something I didn’t do. I’d rather not go into details in case I’m being stalked. Everything worked out this morning and she apologized to me.

So, I said I would take my son bowling for his birthday, but I had to work yesterday and I honestly didn’t feel like going anywhere after working 10 and a half hours. I’m practically gone for 12 hours on those weekend days.

My mom texted me asking me if I was coming over but I told her. She doesn’t get it. And on my days off, I’m busy cleaning and decluttering the best I can. I told her about bowling and she was like have fun! I won’t be home tomorrow.

Today she left me an obnoxious voicemail message and I called her only to have her yelling at me like she’s some kind of a jealous older sister rather than a mother.

I said nothing. At my age, I don’t owe anyone but myself an explanation.

Then we go bowling to a different place and suddenly my mom was nice… like nothing ever happened. Fine. Whatever. I brought my MIL with me because they would behave differently with her around (and they did).

So, I’m bowling and I feel eyes on me. I look two lanes over, and there’s my ex best friend with her husband and kids there. Great, right? I just kept my eyes to myself but I could feel their eyes burning into me. If they looked any harder, they would have burned holes into me.

Luckily, they left, and my anxiety disappeared for a bit. I have high anxiety for various reasons (hence this post).

Here’s some pics.


I guess in all the midst of writing about my craptastic day yesterday. Before anything else, I got a call from the Florida Cancer Specialists–one of their corporate offices, I presume–and they said my doctor in Venice wanted to set me up with an appointment for so and so doctor, but I would need to give permission to set an appointment. I had already told them to STFU when they wanted me to see an infection specialist, and when I said no more calls, I meant it. So I wanted to see if they were pursuing their doctor request after I denied them. Well, the receptionist was like it’s to see their psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation. I was like my doctor did not discuss this with me, and I’m rejecting it. I got off the phone with them, and called the Venice office and cancelled all my appointments. That doctor crossed a line.

What else am I supposed to do? I called my psychiatrist and I will be seeing him on Friday.

Bye for now.


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