Red Tide


Take two.

I had to discard the first post.

Anyway, I think I’m coming down with a cold. It’s either the neutrophils playing a role, or it’s the red tide we’re experiencing on the Gulf coast.

In my case, it could very well be both.

I’ve been sleeping more than usual. I had a scratchy throat at work. And I had a sneezing spell at work too.

That’s all I want to really say about that.

Anywho. Today was my dad’s birthday. After work, I went to Publix and I bought him cupcakes, a card, and a scratch off. I hope he won something. I didn’t see it in the trash or anything.

We went out to eat, and I went home. I just wanted to get home to my Spock.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can get some sun after work. My psoriasis has been getting bad lately.

Another random thought.

I thought about letting myself go gray/white altogether. I look good in my mirror, but the one at work shows me a different story. I just didn’t want to keep dyeing my hair all the time. It can’t be good for me.

I’ll take any suggestions. I mean, that is, if anyone reads this.

I’m weird like that. I feel confident with going through one transition, but then I start feeling self conscious.

I’m not normal, never have been.

I’ll blame this one on being sick due to red tide.



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