I Had

Sunday, 7.29.18

Yesterday, I woke up feeling nauseous.

Don’t go thinking I’m pregnant, because I’m not. Trust me when I say I know I’m not, and believe me because I really don’t want to go into detail on answering that.

Anyway, I ignored the nausea because I had to work. Well, I take that back. I took a little something. It was enough to carry me to work, and that was about it.

I had a headache, like someone put my head through a vice grip. I took some Excedrin migraine, and I was somewhat better.

I got in my car after work, and stopped at Taco Bell before going home because I didn’t feel like going shopping.

I got home and walked the dogs, and finished my night with Supernatural, Benadryl, and writing a blog.

I started thinking about my day. I was talking a lot. I wanted to be left alone. I was freaking out over something that was under control. Like a bill I thought I hadn’t paid which I did (I’ve been doing this a lot lately).

I got upset at 🌮 Bell when my husband called me while I was in the drive thru and trying to get a hold of my son. I got really annoyed with him for no reason.

I realized that what I thought was a manic feel, was actually anxiety. Not a panic attack! Anxiety.

That’s the tricky thing I’ve learned about anxiety. It can disguise itself as mania, nausea, bowel issues, headaches, etc.

It can make you feel physically ill.

I feel slightly better today. A little antsy and bored, but definitely better than yesterday.


#nausea #anxiety


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