I’m Not as Big of a Loser as I Think

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi everyone!

I’m already breaking my promise to myself to write in here for forty days that I am on Lent. So far, this is the second time that I had skipped a day. For one thing, I had to deal with algebra. For another, well, I will let the pictures tell you a story.

This here is Lassie. She is soooo cute! 🙂

Anyway, day 12 of Lent, and this is what I’ve been up to. A friend of mine had too many dogs and they were being neglected. The animal lover that I am, told her to bring a small one over. I didn’t want to make Mickey (my current dog) feel intimidated.

It’s a bit blurry. I couldn’t get them to sit still together. LOL. Mickey is the one in black


This girl is called a Sheltie. She is just a puppy from what I understand. Mickey was jealous, but I think she’s slowly warming up to her. *fingers crossed*

Well, those are the pics, and that’s my story. I’ve been exhausted because I’ve been taking both those dogs out every hour to get the little one potty trained or so to speak. The previous owner wasn’t taking her out much, nor grooming her like she should be. Her original name is Callie, but Andy (my other half) likes the name Lassie like the movies.
Maybe she’ll get used to it. *shrugs* Who knows?

I haven’t been on Facebook, nor have I been interested in it anymore. Maybe I have finally broken my addiction to one thing. I’m pretty good at that anyhow. I just don’t know why I don’t do it sooner.


FB might have been my focal point to help keep me focused. To be honest, I’m working better at algebra since I haven’t been on, and my short story writing has improved much since I’ve been on it. IDK I just don’t have that blah feeling anymore. I can’t explain it any more than that.

Here’s something random:

Sometimes I feel like a loser because all my friends are busy but I have time for others. It doesn’t mean I’m any less busy than others. It just means that I make time because I want to. I always have to remember that. Most times when I say or write things, it’s to remind myself.

I have some poems that I think I may be ready to post…or at least try to do what my friend has done…make a YouTube video out of it. I’ll keep you posted.