Day 60

Day 60 of the 365 Day Gratuity Challenge. 8/29/16, Monday. 



 I’m grateful I made it to day 60, which means I survived nearly two months doing these challenges. While I’m tired, I keep telling myself it’s important to do. It’s always important to be grateful, be positive, and always have something to look forward to.

I’m still grateful for my fitbit and my wonderful, amazing husband who bought it for me. I’m grateful for the gadget because it’s motivating me to exercise a bit more….something I get lax about because I’m busy running around or editing and such.

Well, I need a few hours of sleep so I can work in the morning. Night! 🙂



Days 3-9

Day 3 of the 365 day gratitude challenge. Today is Monday, July 4th, 2016.
Day 4
I woke up a bit less sick today so I am grateful for that!

I found myself in a melancholy mood earlier because I am a bit sad my dreams still have yet to come true and I am not sure it’s ever going to happen for me. This is a curse for me as I can never make plans.

I’m beginning to wonder what the universe wants from me. I need to be alright with it, and I definitely need to be grateful for it. Everything does happen for a reason, right?

I am grateful for my little Lassie, and I am grateful I started this challenge. I need a kick in the butt every now and then because my brain likes to travel to very dark places.


Day 4 of the 365 day gratitude challenge.

Day 4

I am so behind. I’m not usually up this late anymore these days because I usually work first shift.

Today started off pretty rocky, but I think I turned it around in my favor. I’m grateful when I can turn my blah days into good ones.



Day 5 of the 365 day gratitude challenge:
Day 5
I started watching some show on Netflix called Between. I got five episodes into it and realized I needed bed as it was nearly 3 in the morning. I got up around 8-ish and did my usual daily chores. I had enough time to get my exercise in and I’m grateful for that.

I went to work feeling groggy. I don’t know if it was the lack of caffeine or something, but I started feeling better a bit later.

I was feeling lousy when I turned on my phone and saw 11:11 on it. I haven’t been seeing it pop up as often as I used to.

After the pool desk, I went to work at the membership desk. One of the moms came in and wanted my boss’s info because she wanted to tell my boss what a great job I did the other day, doing dances with them and such.

I am grateful for surprising moments like these. 🙂

Day 6 of the 365 Day Gratuity Challenge….7/7/16
Day 6
OK, first off, I think anytime the date falls on a 7/7 is a lucky day. I just worked a long shift, and I had to be in work at 5:15 this morning of 7/8/16…so, you’ll be getting two posts from me today.

I didn’t forget to post, I just ran out of time. The morning shifts are the best…until 8 AM. That’s when all the big shots come in, and then you have time for nada.

Yesterday was a pretty good day considering I had to work 9 hours. The kids room wasn’t completely messy, and the lifeguard that has been trying to tell me how to do my job, hadn’t bothered me at all yesterday. I am grateful for that.

It’s the little things that make me grateful! 🙂

Day 7 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge…
Day 7
Day 7, 7/8/16, means I survived a week of finding something grateful.

It’s funny how when you’re trying to be positive and grateful, there are obstacles in your way that practically want to destroy those happy moments for you.

I woke up 24 hours ago to go to work, and I was so tired I took a nap. And then I fell asleep again. LOL

Sleep is good. I’m grateful I can sleep.

That is all because I spent most of my day sleeping! LOL

Day 8 of the challenge….
Day 8
It was a very unproductive day yesterday (Saturday, the 9th of July). I get a day off, and I turn on the Pandora radio and start cleaning. But what I really do is sing off key with the songs with whatever object is in my hands to use as a mic, while I dance around my house. I am so grateful no one is watching me do these things hahahaha.

My grandma called (as she does every Saturday) and rather than get into arguments with her about how crappy the rest of the family treats me and my mom, son and brother (like we always do), I change the subject by telling her which old movie I just watched.

I’m grateful for my grandma, and I’m grateful for old movies.

Day 9 of the 365 day gratitude challenge.
Day 9
As most of you may know, I have inner demons I battle on a daily basis. I contemplate things I shouldn’t. Things I’d rather not say for fear of sounding morbid.

A challenge like this is good for me. I need to find something every day to be grateful for…even if it is a little thing.

I am reminded to keep going. This isn’t the end of my story. And that is what I intend to do.

On the plus side, it’s been a week and a half on this wellness challenge, and I’ve lost almost 3 pounds. I’m grateful for that as well.



365 Days of Gratitude

I have been wanting to post in here, but I’ve been forgetting.  I’ll just post twice in one setting.  Hopefully, that’ll catch me up to speed.


Day 1:

day 1

What can I say? I am so behind on this challenge, but story of my life, right? LOL. I wanted to start this Friday night, the 1st of July. Now it’s officially the 3rd of July as it is 1:30 in the am.

These are my pictures for today. I caught a beautiful glimpse of the sunset as I was out shopping earlier tonight. I am grateful I can capture moments like these.

Also, I love wearing high heels because I’m so short, but I was born a little old lady, and so I have to wear the orthopedic kind hahahaha. I need socks to wear my shoes better, and I needed a stocking kind of sock. I spotted these girls online and bought two pairs. I am grateful for that too.

I have a decent selfie considering the immense amount of weight I gained over the years while Andy was sick. I’m grateful for this wellness challenge. I think I’m doing surprisingly well for only two days.

It’s the little things that make me happy.


Day 2:

Day 2

Today was a bit of a trying day. No one informed me, the receptionist, there wouldn’t be any family Zumba due to a lack of participation over the past two weeks. The parents asked if someone could teach them something. And so I grabbed my iPod and put on YouTube because I was not prepared for this. And we danced children’s dances.

I’m grateful I had the energy to get some exercise in today, despite the fact I have been under the weather these past few days.

Today I lost count of the calories I consumed, but I am grateful tomorrow is another day. I can start over.

I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July! 🙂

The List: One


I have been writing and posting in Blogger.  I don’t get any readers at all on Blogger, and so I feel safer putting my material out there.  I will try to post more on here with my chapters.




The Tale of Kalura Wise

ONE:  The First Day

I decide to get out of bed and go for a jog. Today, I will be jogging slowly. Some days I can jog fast and other days require me to jog slower. In any case, any form of exercise is good for me. For one thing, it puts me in a better mood so I can tolerate my day better. For another, it helps me to stay focused.

Today will be my first day back at school after being absent for such a long time. It feels like the very first time, but I know it’s not. And though I’ve been native to this place all seventeen years of my life, I know I’ll be a complete stranger in this prestigious private school my parents have me attending.

Uniforms are not required, and why should they be when parents invest thousands of dollars to a school to give their kids nothing but the best?

This school also happens to have prerequisite courses for college before even attending an actual college I might add. But I’d rather not focus on that right now.

There is a cool breeze I happen to be enjoying, which usually happens after a few days of rain fall here in Florida.

This mostly happens during the fall and winter season around here. We have no such luck during the summer months when hurricane season is at its strongest.

Unfortunately, it is so windy, you could possibly mistake this place for Brooklyn right now. It’s so windy, my thingamajig blows right off my head, causing me to stop dead in my tracks, just as the music on my iPod was getting good.

Led Zeppelin’s Dancing Days is playing in the style of STP. STP stands for Stone Temple Pilots. To tell the truth, I don’t like remakes of any kind. Let the original be known. But STP made the song work, and the only other Zeppelin remakes I like are by the Wilson sisters of the band Heart.

So there’s my thingamajig, my hat, probably lost somewhere due to the shift of the wind–heading to who knows where–when all of a sudden, my baseball cap is right in front of my eyes. I am in shock to see a pair of hands holding it for me. I am in even more shock to see a boy standing in front of me, with my hat in his hands.

I didn’t even see him. I didn’t even see anyone while I was jogging. I look up at him wondering where he came from.

10/13/14 by ©Diana Jillian

The List: Four

Sorry, Marvin, I have no guesses!!!

Blogophilia Week 8.9 Topic:
Shadows of Light

Two Points:
Include an Aphrodisiac

One Point:
Include Silver Bells

Bonus Pic:

The Polar Express?  What?  I’m not very good at this!

To catch up:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4:

“What?”  Cristi begins.  “Don’t tell me you’ve never had a guy into you before.”

“I’ve been homeschooled,” I answer honestly with her.  “I wouldn’t even know how to tell if a guy is into me.  Besides, I have other plans, and a guy is just not on my list.”

“You have a list?”  She asks.  “Like a bucket list.”  There’s that word again.  “I thought only old people did those things.”

“And very young people who have trouble focusing, and need a list to create in order to fulfill their dreams,” I interject.

“Hmm, yeah.  I guess I never thought of it that way.  How long have you been making a list?”

“Since I’ve been homeschooled,” I answer.  I really don’t know how else to answer that.  I just woke up one day, and decided that a list needed to be made.

“So, then, tell me,” she pauses.  “What’s first on your list?”

I go to speak when she interrupts.  “Oh, my God!  That is so rude of me!  I don’t know why I even asked that.  It’s none of my business at all.”

“It’s okay.  It’s not that big of a deal.  The first thing on my list is to live my life like any normal teenager would.  I want to experience the high school life.  That means dances and after school programs.  Today I was thinking about trying out for the cheerleading team.”

“Oh my! That sounds so cool!  I’ve never thought about doing something like that before.  Do you mind if I try out with you?”

I shrug.  “Sure.”  I look at my schedule.  “I have Chemistry in room two twenty-four, do you know where that is?”

“Yes,” she seems sad.  “It’s just three doors down, to the right.  I have to make up some algebra classes, and I think this is where we part ways.  What period do you have lunch?”

I look at my schedule.  “Um, I am free fifth period.”

“Okay then I’ll see you in the cafeteria.”

“Sounds good,” I say.

We part ways, and just before I reach the door to the classroom, I hear someone mention the word aphrodisiac.  That’s a rather strange word for someone to say.  I don’t want to look to see who’s talking, but I can’t help myself.  I can feel someone staring at me again.  Please don’t let it be Xander.

I look up, and it is him.  I wonder how much he heard me say to his sister.  Our eyes lock for a brief moment.  But in that brief moment, it felt like an eternity.  I stared right into his blue-green eyes.  I didn’t notice that this morning on my jog.  Then again, it was still dark out when I went jogging.

I go to hand my teacher my schedule.  She looks at it and smiles at me.  “Welcome to the class, Kalura.  Is there a nickname you go by?”

I guess Kalura is just so strange, people feel funny saying it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to explain my name to people.  Who knew a name with six-letters, and three syllables, would be so confusing?

I smile back at her.  “Some call me Kallie with a K,” I reply.

“Welcome to our school, Kallie.  Have a seat, and we’ll begin when the bell rings.”

The school bell rings and sounds like there’s a guy in a Santa suit, jingling silver bells.  It’s kind of a funny sound.  I don’t know if I should go to class, or to find Santa to donate money.  I shrug it off once I notice the lights are out and we’re about to watch a scientific movie on chemistry.

The only shadows of light I see are coming from the movie screen, and the window.  I take out my notebook from my backpack to write some notes on what is being said in the movie.  That is how I learn the best.

The documentary is comparing chemistry to people.  In some cases, while people are opposite, they tend to attract each other–and in other cases, they tend to be the polar opposites, much like magnets, or chemicals you combine.  The right chemicals will create something beautiful, and the wrong ones could possibly burst.

I don’t really know that much about life.  To me, this is all just the beginning.