Because I Am a Chicken


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted in WP. I’ve been hiding out in FB land. I’m trying to get out there more. Sometimes I just get shy. It’s more like I have fear of rejection in me and that is why I walk away–from a LOT of things!

About 5 years ago, I self-published a book on Amazon. I gave the free promo for the week so people could buy. I got a lot of buyers, but no reviews. That just told me a lot about myself as a writer. I’m either awful, or the audience is just not ready for what stories I come up with in my head. Anyway…

I’m not very good with novels, per se–more like I’m good with novellas (I believe that’s what prose is called). And so, I created a three-part “novel”, all based on the same character–her name is Maya–and her experiences as to how she got to where she is now (present time being).

I was going to work on a sequel, but then I got a job and well, I’ve been really busy with work ever since. And the only reason why I even work is because 1. it’s nice to have some extra money, and 2. Insurance is expensive AF! It never used to be. I’m not political or anything. I mind my own business when it comes to religion and politics. It’s better that way. I like avoiding confrontation as much as possible. OK! So now that I sound like a wimp, let me continue.

I was going to post a chapter, but looking at the story (after not looking at this for a few years now), I can see why people lost interest. *sigh*

Well, since I’ve decided to take a hiatus from FB, maybe I can finally finish something.





Days 32-39

This way…I can be done.  You’ll only see one more post from me either tonight or tomorrow.  It depends on how tired I am.

Day 32
Day 32. 8.1.16
I am realizing so much about myself!

Today I was in good spirits despite the disappointments thrown my way. It only proves I’m stronger than I realize. I’m grateful for that.

For whatever reason the Universe likes to play games with me, I’m both glad and grateful I can handle it.

An Audioslave song…called Out of Exile, there’s a line that goes: And the blessings on the table multiply and divide.

It’s a pretty interesting quote.



Day 33 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.
Day 33 8.2.16
I actually remembered to post a blog in WordPress. I’ve been posting in Blogger because it doesn’t get as much traffic as far as visitors. I’ve been a bit more private in the writing field lately…well, except for these challenges, though I don’t know why, because even the challenges I post go unseen. It’s cool though! Some things I write have an acquired taste. Mine might leave a bad taste in others’ mouths.

I wanted to create a portrait to go with the link I provided for my blog. It’s amazing how messing around with shades of black and white can ultimately create an effect you finally like. It almost looks like sun and clouds. I’ll let you interpret it any way you like.

I’m grateful I can mess around in Photoshop. It keeps me busy and occupied…and not always thinking about things like will I have a job tomorrow or not.

I had some bad news, and then it turned around. It was for a job interview. I got an email stating they weren’t interested in someone like me. I replied back with a thanks. And then I got a voicemail later on while at work saying they’d like for me to come in for an interview. I’ll call in the morning. I’m grateful for surprise moments like that!

While I have you here. I changed my blog page from Diana J Poetry to Non-Drinking Musings From a Writer. I’m always told that writers usually have drinking problems. I don’t believe that’s entirely true in this day and age…Poe, Plath…Then again, what do I know? LOL…Either way, I changed my page URL from I figured it was more appropriate.



Day 34 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge, Wednesday 8/3/16.
Day 34 8.3.16
Yesterday was interesting. First, I’ve learned you can make phone calls through Facebook Messenger and it costs you nada. That’s a good thing!

Second, I have an interview on Monday with a place that’s offering full-time with benefits! That’s always a good thing too!

Yesterday at work, I had noticed the 11:11 sign. I didn’t ignore it, I just didn’t think to screenshot it. When I saw the 12:12, I decided to screenshot that one.

And while scrolling through Tumblr (Because Tumblr is like having cookies in a cookie jar; you can’t keep your hands out of it.), I found some quotes that I wrote down.

I’ve come to realize that while I was left in charge with another person, he had taken it upon himself to leave me out of the equation completely, and take charge of everything. I’ve come to realize (Yes, for real this time) that if he wants to maintain that part-time position and be boss, let him! I don’t need that stress or frustration.

Funny how I was the one that trained him, and funny how I have been there a whole lot longer…but none of that matters.

I can’t control what’s out of my control. I must let it go. And for that, I am grateful.



As I finished day 35 of the challenge, I am starting to find it very challenging to find what I’m grateful for. But I am going to do it because I am a very determined being. So let me start off by saying I’m grateful for being determined.
Day 35 8.4.16
I decided a while back to request time off so I can spend it with my grandma. I’m a little annoyed I didn’t get here sooner, but that’s alright. I’m grateful I have transportation to come and visit my grandma when I can.

I think that’s all I have without me sounding like I’m complaining. So let me add I’m grateful I’m able to hold my tongue and keep a secret to my list.



Day 36 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.
Day 36 8.5.16
I have been away and so right now, I can only pray my posts are making it on here. I’ll be back to internet civilization in a little over 12 hours from now. I’m truly, truly grateful for the internet.

Earlier today, I went to the mall and stopped in Victoria’s Secret. They had the body sprays I like two for ten dollars! Hey, I love bragging about bargains! One time I bought jeans and a rain jacket for 40 cents at Old Navy. I’m grateful for bargains.

I’m lasting longer than I thought with this challenge. I’m grateful for that!


Day 37…
Day 37 8.6.16
I’m back home. I’m grateful for that because it was hard to comment or check out anything while running on 3g.

I say I got plenty of exercise while I was gone because there are 32 steps between my grandma’s house to the ground. I’d say I went up and down it a few times. I just wish I could enjoy the rest of the weekend off, but I can’t as I have to work tomorrow. I’m grateful I still have a job.


Day 38…
Day 38 8.7.16
Sun, August 7th, 2016

Today was definitely a trying day as I had gotten home the night before, and work was the absolute last thing on my mind.

I had actually been contemplating what I will tell these people in my upcoming interview in twelve hours from now.

I was willing to work a job–that never cared about me–at night, and continue working the weekends. And then I found several issues from the day before, with a part time boss who is making excuses for people that wouldn’t go to bat for him. And I was just like, if you don’t care, neither do I. It was that very moment I realized if I actually do get this job, I am so putting in my two week’s notice.

I’m grateful for eye-opening moments.

Day 39
Day 39 8.8.16
Well, I went for my interview today. I should find out if I have the job or not by Wednesday.

As far as the other job, I have no words other than to say they confuse me, so much!

Other than the rain soaking me completely, I’d say the interview on my behalf went well. I’m grateful for that. I’m still job hunting though.

I’m grateful I don’t have to be at work until later tomorrow evening! That should give me some time to get other things done! *fingers crossed*


Days 28-31

I’ve noticed that despite the fact I’m dating these from a month ago, this still might be popping up in your feeds.  Sorry about that.  These will be my gratitude challenges from days 28-31…I’ll be at day 40 today.  I’m trying to catch up!


Day 28, 7/29/16
Day 28
Today was a trying day, but I’m grateful I got to work a short shift today. I need to calm down more, and I think it’s working just fine! 🙂

I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s an intense show.


Day 29 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.
Day 29
This moth or butterfly was just flapping its wings. He or she was practically asking me to take their picture. And so I did.

In times of trouble and sadness, I must remind myself of good things. I’m grateful I still have a job? LOL. I made a necklace a while ago with all these crystals. I believe in its healing powers (no laughing please). I believe somehow, in some way, it’s protecting me. I’m grateful for believing in what I believe in. I’m grateful in believing in the universe, and knowing no matter what, there is a bigger plan for me…

Yeah, that’s all I have today.


Day 30 of the 365 Days of Gratitude Challenge.
Day 30
I was gonna go out shopping today when this little guy caused me to make a full stop so I wouldn’t run him over. He ran up to me and practically jumped into my car!

I have looked everywhere throughout the neighborhood, looking for his owners. Everyone I talked to said they didn’t lose any dogs.

I don’t know if I’m grateful for having such a soft spot for abandoned pets, but I think he’s grateful I took him in temporarily.


Day 31

Day 31

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

~~Bruce Lee

There are mistakes in life. I like to think of them as lessons to be learned. A person was brought in nearly ten years ago to turn a non-profit organization around. That said person was finally let go around February or so. I don’t know how much faster you can turn things around unless you have a charity event. That would have been the smart thing to do. Like have kids create art, and then auction them off. I’m sure you’ll stumble upon the next Picasso one of these days.

But stuff like that wasn’t done, and you’re still in the hole. A very deep hole…deeper than six feet. And so a merging offer comes along. A merging offer from a non-profit place that has been and still is making money for the past 50 years. They keep building and growing. They have a dream, and I’m all for the change we so desperately need.

Yes I am sad to see staff members go, but that is and has always been the way of a merger. It’s really to weed out the weak, and keep in the strong….the ones that keep the place alive (as much as possible) and kicking.

I am grateful either way. If I keep my job, I am grateful I have a job. If I get fired, I am grateful I can apply for unemployment until I find another job. I would like to focus on my Etsy. I have bracelets made that I would LOVE to sell! I can’t really do that if I’m not home enough to devote my time to crafting and creating.

In other news, I found the owner of that little pup. He was a very sweet boy, but we are not ready to build an addition to the family like that. I’d rather have a human baby than another fur baby at this point in time. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity to see that having another fur baby would not be ideal for me…or my pups right now.

Days 25 & 26

I’m just going to put days 25 (yesterday) and 26 (today on here). Only because I missed so much time, and I don’t feel like dealing with Facebook’s many glitches on how it shows you you post more than one pic in an album within a 24 hour period…Moving on

Day 25 and 26 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge 7/26/16, & 7/27/16…Hopefully *fingers crossed* I can catch up in a timely fashion. If something changes between now and tonight before bed, I will post another pic.
Day 25
I know today is Wednesday, but it’s part of my story to talk about Saturday.

On Saturday, I had to go to Macy’s to go get something at the Clinique counter. My mom went along with me. The lady at the counter was like apply for a credit card and get 20% off on your purchase. I said alright. She went to reach for something and the sign holder that was made out of plexiglass fell and cut my mom’s hand. The lady gave us all these free samples as a result.

One of them was a facial sunscreen. Well since I started using it, I noticed I was having an allergic reaction. My eyes were tearing up and it wouldn’t stop. I thought it was allergies from outside, but as I was using the sunscreen this morning, it suddenly dawned on me. I can’t use that kind of sunscreen on my face and this is why I use a baby formula…So it won’t get into my eyes and sting me. I am grateful I realized that.

Yesterday was a long day, but I am grateful I got a break, making my shift only 10 hours, rather than 11 hours.

Today, I am grateful I realized I am allergic to any kind of sunscreen that isn’t formulated for a baby! LOL.

Days 23 & 24

Day 23 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.
Day 23
And here I thought I was ahead of the game. I caught up on blogs and I turned in mine early for once in a very long time….and here I go…forgetting to write up my daily challenge.

For Sunday, 7/24/16, I worked. And I trained someone. I basically spent my whole day talking to people.

I weighed myself and notice I’m about 4 pounds lighter. But it could be water. Ah, I don’t know anymore. I’m trying not to think about it….okay, okay. Grateful things.

I’m grateful for challenges. I’m grateful for positive quotes to keep me motivated, I’m grateful for good friends, and I’m grateful for this life in general! 🙂


Day 24 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 7/25/16
Day 24
I had to go to bed early so I could get up and get ready for work. A functioning adult is not what I am. I am not capable of getting a routine down straight.

Most people, I’m guessing, get up and exercise. They make coffee, and shower while the coffee is brewing.

For me, I need time to gather my thoughts. I get dressed five minutes before having to leave the house.

Yesterday, I got news of meetings, and this irks me because it’ll be getting in the way of my sleep time, which on Tuesdays is around 6:30-ish. My son said he will drive me to the meeting so I can sleep a bit. What a sweet, young man he’s turned out to be.

I am grateful for my son! 🙂

Day 22

Day 22 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 7/23/16, Saturday.
Day 22
I went to work on my day off. Today they were doing a Zumba marathon. It was about two and a half hours long. The theme was Hawaiian like. I actually had this crown of fake flowers on my head for hours before I realized this and took it off my head.

As far as challenges go exercise wise, I’ve done none now in two days. I wanted to go to the mall to get something, and then I went out to eat with my parents and brother. Hey, I am entitled to a life every now and then. If it means skipping an exercise or a chore, well then so be it.

I’m grateful for brain break moments.


Day 20

Day 20 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.

Day 20
Today was an interesting day. I thought I had to work a double, but didn’t. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I went home and walked the dogs and did some yoga. I really needed the yoga.

And speaking of yoga…I mentioned that I could volunteer a class to do yoga. I’ve been doing yoga for a few years. I really hate to admit this, but I think I’ve been doing yoga for over 15 years now…I’m showing my age.

Earlier tonight, I was practicing, pretending I had a class. I really don’t know what to really say lol. I kept messing up what to say. I’m gonna wind up sounding like a stuttering idiot hahaha..

Still, I’m always grateful for new opportunities. And speaking of opportunities…there is an opening for a full time library assistant. *fingers crossed I didn’t jinx it by saying that out loud*