Day 73

Day 73 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge.

I’m grateful it’s day 73. And I am grateful for changes.

Earlier today, I wrote this story as part of the prompts. I worked really hard on it and I thought I was being clever. That’s my problem. I was thinking. 

Well someone made a comment on it, and with comments like that, usually more are to follow because you’re often looking at the comments in order to find something to say.

I stopped writing my chapter stories. And I made this story 100 words precisely. They call it a drabble.

So I’m thinking I’m a shitty writer and I’ll never amount to anything writing wise in this world.

I will be moving away from Blogophilia. Not that I was popular on there to begin with. I’m grateful for new beginnings.

I’m a little sad right now. I’m hoping sleep will help.



Day 10

Day 10 of the 365 day Gratitude Challenge.


Today wasn’t so bad. Though I realized I haven’t been drinking enough water lately and that was the reason why I had lost 3 pounds. I’m not too happy about that, but that’s alright. I don’t want to lose water weight. That’s not good for you. I want to lose fat.

I played a Disney Tsum Tsum game because they give out prizes. I’ve been playing for over a year now….don’t judge. LOL. It’s better than all the nightmares I’m hearing about Pokemon GO. So much for getting out in the world. hahaha

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my posts and was reading about limiting beliefs. I believe that to be true…I’m grateful for always learning and discovering new things about myself.

I keep a positive journal to help me when I need a positive shift change. I have to focus more on funny things, and I should be alright.

I got some exercise done which in my book, it’s better than nothing.

It’s always the little things you have to be grateful for! 🙂