I see a lot of people follow me, but no one wants to comment or even acknowledge I exist. I bet my followers are bots. Either way, I really don’t care anymore. Not being popular means I can say whatever I want and no one will bother me. Because no one cares!


Watching Sports

I hate when people never watch sports until they learn their home team is in the playoffs! You’ve never been a loyal person, and I can guarantee you that you don’t watch all their games year round like I do. That just tells me what kind of a person they are. Fake. Poser. No wonder why people keep leaving Facebook!

The 365 Days of Gratitude Continues!

Well, I know the challenge is long gone, but a person like me just has to keep on keeping on. I need more positive reminders on what I’m grateful for!

As you may or may not know, I’ve been trying to strive for five as far as workouts. The week of Irma was tough, and last week was my girly thing I’d rather not discuss–although I think I just did–and so, it leads me to this week! I decided to start my workout on Sunday. It’s the beginning of the week according to American calendars and my FitBit.

Today, however, I woke up with my lower back in shambles. I did some stretches before work, and while it helped, my back was still bothering me. I know when to take a break from the treadmill, and so I did. I decided to do some vinyasa yoga, and I am grateful for that because my back is starting to feel better!

I need more reminders like these. It’s mostly for myself, but if someone stumbles upon these and can get some inspiration out of it, well then I am glad I could help!

Now! I just need to work on a project using all the letters of the alphabet in one sentence! LOL