Day 359

Day 359 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Tuesday, June 27th, 2017.

I’m grateful I have the ability to not say anything when I’m upset, and will probably regret saying it later.
I’m grateful I can walk away from the drama, and learn how to wait it out before saying anything. 
I’m also very tired right now, so this post may be convoluted. It’s a good thing I don’t have many friends! 🙂


Day 358

Day 358 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Monday, June 26th, 2017

I’m grateful I’m not mean and spiteful. I’m glad I don’t try to hurt people with my words. I’m grateful I don’t make people feel like crap for no reason. I’m grateful I’m discreet. I’m grateful I can rise above. 
At least I can hope. Some like to test me to a point, and then when I do explode, they say to me, “God! What did I do to you?”
You know. Same ol, same ol.

Day 357

Day 357 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

I’m getting this done early just in case I decide to take another trip into Sleepytown after I get out of work. 
I’m grateful for having some time to work out the kinks of this challenge. When posting a pic daily for 365 days, you can often get mixed up. Not to mention FB doesn’t always put your pics in that particular album either. 
Well in any case,  I’m grateful! 🙂

Day 356

Day 356 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

I think I may have miscalculated my 365 day journey!
I have “10” days left of this challenge. Well, 10 days from the 24th. That will put me at July 4th, which doesn’t seem right. 
Anyway, I’m grateful I went to bed early . I got 9 hours of sleep. That was why I didn’t post a challenge last night. 
I’m grateful for sleep! 🙂

Day 355

Day 355 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Friday, June 23rd, 2017.

Some days it’s so unclear to me what the Universe wants me to do!
I had plans today to go shopping and buy beads. Maybe go tp goodwill and find a dresser. Maybe stop by my rents, and give my dad a belated father’s day present (because last Sunday was all out hectic and very dramatic and traumatic.)
I had all these plans on my only day off that will now have to wait until my next day off which will be Monday afternoon perhaps, and nothing again until the weekend where I probably won’t have the money anymore to go shopping, resulting in additional charges on my credit card.
This, for some reason, is what the Universe wants for me. I don’t know why.
But I will say this much. The Universe has always had a strange way of protecting me. Like I’ll hear of an accident five minutes before reaching to a destination. Had I left sooner — my normal standard time — it probably would have been me involved in that accident. 
I guess in a way, you can say I’m grateful for the Universe!

Day 354

Day 354 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Thursday, June 22nd, 2017.

I’m late running this in because sometime around 11pm, the cable and the internet decided to go out. I have unlimited data, but this area where I live is a complete dead zone when it comes to data or cell phone signal.
Anyway, I’m grateful! I got to take a nap. And I’m grateful I got some surprising news. I don’t want to share just yet for fear of jinxing it, or for fear it might have just been me dreaming! LOL I’ll keep you posted. Or not!
I just realized I only have 11 days left of this challenge! Most seem to like it better when I post memes or something difficult in my life. Never do they want to hear about something you’re pretty much struggling to be grateful about. 
It’s assumed that because it’s called a 365 Day Gratitude Challenge that it’s supposed to be all sunshine! But it’s not. It’s me working out the kinks in order to find what it is I am grateful for. 
To those who have stuck with me and my stories this year, you’re awesome! Thank you for your constant support! I am truly grateful to have you in my life!
I have other projects I’d like to work on. That’s including blog topics more suited for me. So each week, instead of working with blogophilia, I shall do what I was doing before. Just not videos. I really don’t like how I look or sound. Eh, I’ll keep you posted — somehow.

Day 353

Day 353 of the 365 Day Gratitude Challenge. 
Wednesday, June 21st, 2017.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what I’m doing up so late on a “school” night. Eh, you’re probably not.
Any who. I’m grateful for naps!
I was so tired today. My karma was completely drained due to unnecessary drama going on at both home and work. It happens to us empathetic people. 
So, I am grateful to have gotten sleep, and hopefully recharge my energetic batteries! 
With any luck, I am praying I purged out the rest of this negative energy I inherited from others, and ready to start Thursday anew!